The invisible power pack for your distalisation work

  • Treatment without the aid of a colleague
  • Invisible in the mouth
  • No laboratory work required
  • Fast insertion in minutes
  • Individual length adjustment
  • Easy dosing and post-activation
  • Distalisation possible on both sides

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Product information

Product description

TopJet clix Distalizer allows for reliable and incremental molar distalization through the use of a programmable telescoping arm. The operator benefits from the appliance’s optimized handling characteristics and patients benefit from its maximal comfort.

The TopJet clix appliance offers appealing esthetics and enables compliance free one or two-sided distalization of the desired teeth of up to 0.8 mm per month.

Due to its compact design, the installation of TopJet clix is amazingly simple and can be done in small and narrow palates. The TopJet has already been successfully used in patients 8 years and older. The appliance can be installed in just a few minutes. Add this feature to near invisibility and high patient comfort, and it is easy to see why this is such a great device.

During the entire installation process, a thread secures the TopJet Distalizer to its packaging outside the mouth. This safety feature minimizes the risk of aspiration. The appliance can only be activated after the tread is cut.

The appliance’s hinge-like connection to the palatal arch, called the T-connector, prevents distal tipping of the molars. Use of a transpalatal arch (TPA) ensures a lack molar rotation and the TopJet’s friction-free power output. Operators can choose from either a 250 cN (black coding) or 360 cN (red coding) version (see section “Selecting the TopJet clix”).

The TopJet clix can be special ordered for lengths in excess of 8 mm. At the maximum spring activation, the smallest distance between the micro implant and the TPA is 14 mm while the largest distance is 28 mm. This allows for a maximum distalization of 14 mm. The TopJet can be reactivated in 1.8 mm increments.

Selection of TopJet clix

  • Black Coding: TopJet clix 250 (250 cN) Is mainly used in children to distalize the upper first molars only.
  • Red Coding: TopJet clix 360 (360 cN) For molars and premolar distalization. Can be deactivated to exert less force.

Field of Application


  1. Crowding in the maxillary anterior with sufficient space in the posterior for distalization (consider removal of third molars!)
  2. Protruded maxillary anterior teeth
  3. Lack of space in the maxillary buccal segments (i.e. peg laterals, missing/narrow primary teeth or impacted premolars ).
  4. Class II malocclusion with mesially migrated maxillary molars (also in skeletal class III/dental class II combination cases). The TopJet clix can be used without problems on one side or both sides.


  1. Periodontally compromised molars when using high force values
  2. Short maxilla (distally directed second molars)


TopJet Distalizer

Selection of the correct TopJet

Black coding; TopJet clix 250 (250 cN) is mainly used for children for distalisation of the first molar alone.

Red coding: TopJet clix 360 (360 cN) for molar and premolar distalisation. Can also provide less pressure by deactivation.

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